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Biotechnology satellites terrorism and political careers. Vladimir Putin's end


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European Court of Human Rights (1)


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European Court of Human Rights (2)


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Diaries. Parts 1, 2 and 3 sold together. Excellent material!


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  • May 3rd 2013 - December 31 2013
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9/14/2018 recordings in a Vienna clinic: how a CIA group (French police - Cornell University - Vatican) is infecting with diseases - denying medical assistance (for example: falsifying examination results in a Paris hospital) - blocking money (e.g.: needed for treatment):

Аудиозаписи (9/14/2018) в венской клинике: группа ЦРУ (французская полиция - Корнельский университет - Ватикан) заражает болезнями - отказывает в медицинской помощи (например, фальсификацией результатов лабтестов в парижской больнице) - блокирует деньги (включая те, которые необходимы для лечения):

Grabaciones en una clínica el 9/14/2018: CIA (policía francesa - Universidad de Cornell - Vaticano) está infectando enfermedades - negando atención médica (falsificando resultados de laboratorio en un hospital de París, por ejemplo) - bloqueando dinero (incluso el necesario para tratamiento):

Military bandits have broken my car, when the international road insurance for half a year had been paid for. Estonian uniformed policemen and extreme-right activists caught on camera participating in the operation, which also encompasses French individuals involved in the 2006 Israeli air strikes on Beirut, in the context of English-French corporate relations.

The car was sold by persons connected with the Israeli- Hezbollah conflict (well- organized French - USA military group), whose sabotage is supported by the Estonian police (photos available). The car had been in a serious accident and was unprofessionally fixed before sale:

While I was driving the clutch broke down and the military agent that towed the car from the highway caused further damage. Mechanic wrote a
after inspection. Technical passport:

The last two images could be agents of the security police. They have used the movie "Syriana"; question of: "Are you going with your wife or with the psychos?" was answered differently in the Russian dubbing: "You must get the permission of Hezbollah." These "security operations" comprise the embezzlement of large amounts of US Federal money and various mass murders, such as the one described in the "You Tube" section (graphic images).
Some Estonian state functionaries were caught on camera trying to provoke an armed conflict (following foreign instructions*), when I went to the auto registry to transfer the registration (procedure amounted to 57.52 Euros). The car has not yet been paid for, it cost around 1150 Euros, financed by a two-year private loan in monthly settlements. It was finally sold to a junk yard (below receipt).


(*) Involving the killing of Estonian children in a paramilitary operation (NATO, Brussels - Tallinn) .

Military mafiosi continue brutally attacking brain with satellite weapons and interfering with the servers (*). Application to the European Court of Human Rights (165 color pages), which was mailed on November 18th, 2013 with attached DVD, may be downloaded from:




(*) Routinely web traffic is blocked for hours after contacting US attorneys and employees of the Ministries of Justice of several US states. Similar interference has occurred in the wake of emailing Permanent Representations at the United Nations in Geneva. Email reception confirmations are obviously manipulated by French paramilitary groups, which also modify the contents of official websites (such as city and state bar associations). An additional example is described in the application to the European Court; the Estonian host of "www.artimeconsulting.com" has been subject to similar "inside" hacking, which is programed on a lower-than-php-scripting level. An american Human Rights activist recently "confirmed" that another Estonian private company is involved in extreme-right ("South African") paramilitary sabotage (also) directed against the black population of the USA.

Descriptions of some instances of direct participation of uniformed policemen and military personnel in sabotage/ torture:




The quality and contents of presented books surpass those, of online-disclosed information.

Thank you for your assistance.

News contain proofs and important information! (
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February- May 2013.
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2013 - 2014

News 0
News 1
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News 4

Police-military torture and sabotage continue. Jewish groups attack my brain with nuclear satellite technology even during telephone conversations with USA (New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, New York) lawyers; uniformed Estonian policemen participate. Most of the contents of Artime Consulting site can be downloaded here (English). Bandits involved in assassinations and massacres in Syria have been photographed in Tallinn. Only resolute and didactic punishment will dissuade the mafia. Hints have been dropped at the military attache of ______ as the one coordinating these operations.

section refers to almost-confirmed imminent air strikes on civilian population (or other massacres perpetrated by the military), banking crimes, server statistics, etc.

presents samples of fake passports /deaths, given to clients of the police, criminals implicated in high-profile assassinations and mass murders involving many millions of dollars (Euros). It is also a gateway for similar denunciations.

My visit to NATO's HQ, living people behind the assassination of JFK, universities involved in covert military operations (international terrorism), nuclear weapons, etc.

Interaction with embassies and international organizations:
Section appears to be under censure by military consortium.

The author will be selling books/ other products on:

Date: April 3rd - 24th, 2017
Location: Lerchenfelder strasse, between Schottenfeldgasse and Zieglergasse. Odd numbers. Vienna, Austria
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Sale receipts.
Placement of orders for later worldwide delivery.
Payment by cash or card.

  • "Accidental" bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade (May 7th, 1999, NATO). Church- state relations.
  • World Trade Center attacks and plane that crashed against the Pentagon. Romania - Basel, Switzerland around Sept 11th, 2001.
  • Cuban Jewish- manipulated state, the mirage of socialism 90 miles from Florida. Mass media control. Letter to the Cuban-American National Foundation
  • Moscow 1999 apartment buildings bombings. Moscow 2000 Pushkin Square bomb. Moscow Metro 2010 bombs. Hostage taking, assassinations and mass murders on Russian territory. Names initials and telephone numbers (555-55-__) of federal agents are mentioned in presented manuscripts, for example: one of the FSB counter-intelligence sections chief's (905-578-7X-XX); there should not be any doubt about the seriousness, purpose and authenticity of revealed information. The telephone number of a United Sates Secrete Service agent (similar format) is also given.
  • Three meetings at the Russian embassy in Paris, including with navy colonel. Meetings with Georgian embassy personnel in Paris (before and after the Russian - Georgian war). Preparation of the conflict, USA involvement (Israeli).
  • Two USA invasions, Iraq and Afghanistan, conversations with Iraqi and Afghan diplomatic personnel. Preparation of Saddam Hussein's hanging.
  • Systematic torture, violations of civil rights and human rights committed by an untouchable Hebrew team.
  • Biotechnology at the service of the mafia, use of satellites to scan (read thoughts) and attack the brain.
  • Assassination of Hariri (withdrawal of Syrian army from Lebanon), 2006 Hezbollah- Israel undeclared war.
  • Secret weapons of mass destruction that have been recently used.
  • USA Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
  • Polish president's aircraft crash.
and much more (no less significant) ....

In the weeks prior to the formation of Artime Consulting and shortly afterward:
1. Jose Luis Zapatero's cabinet visited my laptop web server
TIME: April 12, 2011, 7:30:40 pm. IP ADDRESS:
2. Kazakhstan president came to Tallinn, brief interaction.
3. The German chancellor and the Estonian president have also participated.

Exemplifying videos (graphic)

Mentioned incidents are the work of a biotechnology right wing group that is now trying to erase traces and destroy evidence. In a few years, through systematic takeover of government functions, their power has increased at the expense of people's civil rights. There are no guarantees when the gangsters are securing money, property, stability and police protection. This website does not violate the law, it denounces outrageous insolence and presents cases of embezzlement and larceny in the name of security.

Real-time severe attacks to the brain (and other organs) and audio torture have impeded the correction of mistakes on this web page and may have even caused some. Please send your suggestions to web@artimeconsulting.com

Do not expect to establish unofficial contacts with any federal agency, company or organization (civilian o military) through Artime Consulting.

Artime Consulting is not a front company.