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Osaühing Artime Consulting
Registration number: EE12103099
VAT number: EE101545040
Postal address: Box Nr. 3089 Tallinn Post Office, 10504, Estonia
email: info@artimeconsulting.com
Telephone: 00372-567-695-68


The slightest donation will be appreciated; it is possible to make a deposit at any branch of indicated banks. Frequently the work is blocked due to lack of resources, which is used by paramilitary bandits for "training" purposes (torture, thefts, sabotage, assassination attempts, etc.). Bills or invoices could be paid directly.
I do not (represent/ belong to) any (national/ international) political, financial, social, religious military or security organization. Certain programs of international financing might integrate efforts to unify political representations, unbeknownst to the population, with the objective of fabricating war (and terrorism on their own territory) with impunity. Witnesses of such high-technology maneuvers could be in a vulnerable position.
With respect to credentials you might consider where I have been admitted and whom i have met/ spoken to.

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Cards from Belorussia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Armenia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus accepted for secure payment processing through miniterminal

Cards accepted below; registration with Yandex Money mandatory:

Accounts available for transfer or direct deposit. Recipient: Mario Alfredo Pedroso:

Russia/ Ukraine

Transfer from terminals to ЯНДЕКС ДЕНЬГИ
Account Number (Номер счета): 410011708785814
Currency: RUB/UAH

Low commission transfers to Yandex Money account are possible from banks in Estonia, France, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, UK and Belgium. Here you will find the necessary information.


AB ŠIAULIŲ BANKAS Vilniaus filialas
Code: 71803
Account Number: LT887180300003726590
Currency: LTL
Account Number: LT907180300009094340
Currency: EUR


Deutsche Bank PBC SA
Account Number: PL 85 1910 1048 2211 9027 5227 0001
Currency: PLN

Bank Pekao
Account Number: PL 76 1240 5963 1111 0010 5038 8106
Currency: PLN


Nordea Bank Finland Abp
Account Number: FI80 1470 3500 7384 09
Currency: EUR


Bank of America

Currency: USD


Currency: RUB

On the security page of Artime Consulting sites, server ID images can be checked. Notice the index counter at the bottom of this page. Not a single cent has been received, either as donations or sales, since the formation of the company (AS OF MARCH 16th 2014). The French/ Estonian police and military are sabotaging these websites, server statistics and internet connections. A member of the Estonian taxation authority warned me from the start that the company was going to be blocked.

Thank you!